The 2016 Bucket List


2016 has arrived. As people in the 21st century we want to get out and do morenew-year.jpg, especially for me as this year I’m turning 18. I’ve always found it a lot better if you don’t make new years resolutions but rather achievements you want to pursue in the year, because let’s be honest; new years resolutions never really work unless you are extremely dedicated. Plus not eating chocolate and crisps for a year isn’t really something anyone should put themselves through; I just prefer setting myself up for challenges rather than things I know are going to fail. That’s why I’ve devised my 2016 bucket list which consists of 10 things that I want to happen this year and I will try with all my power to make them happen!

As it’s been nearly a whole year starting this blog and (again) it’s a new year so therefore I need a new mantra; although I’ve kind of cheated this year and put three in one. Although I think they work really well together; “be your own person and take every day as it comes; mental health before anything else” is my mantra. This mantra will stay with me for the whole year, the last part “mental health before anything else” is really important to me and especially since this year I will be attempting to get into university and doing my A-levels I’ve got to stay grounded at all times, and the first part is just a little reminder and even when things get good you’ve got you keep your feet on the ground and keep working just as hard.

2016 is the year I’d like to visit four separate countries, one of them being a country I’ve never been to before. I’ve only got two holidays booked for next year so far so I’ve got another two to get sorted for 2016 to achieve this goal but it will happen; I’m determined to travel more and explore amazing places. I’m very well-travelled anyway and I don’t take that forgranted; I’ve always been on holiday and to other countries but I think that’s what has got me so hungry to see more.

I’m currently doing Slimming World (blog post on that coming VERY soon) and I’ve lost a lot of weight since I began in October and in 2016 I plan on loosing one more stone; I might lose a bit more and I won’t mind but my plan for now is just a stone then I can see where things go from there.

As mentioned before it is the year I do my A-levels and another thing on my bucket list is to pass my A-levels with the grades I want/need and get into university (preferably one that I want rather than through clearing but if that happens at least I’ll still get the chance to go to university). Education is really important to me and always has been; it’s something that I truly think that if we had more of in other countries our world wouldn’t be in  the mess it is and that’s why I want to go to University because so many other people can’t around the world.

I’m also not planning on going to the same uni as my current friends so therefore I realise that new friends is what I’m going to need, and that’s why expanding my social circle is on my bucket list’ this isn’t just for when I go to university either it’s for now as well as I’d like to become friends with people who I don’t know that well from places such as my work.

New York 2016 is on my cards this year and my bucket list item for this trip is to take a polaroid in times square, I love pola6356884908350255571042721344_2-nyc-empire-nina-papiorek.jpgroid’s and I no doubt will love NYC so I’m actually really excited. As a lover of musical theatre as well I really want to see a Broadway show whilst in New York; hopefully this will happen. Visiting Disneyland and taking amazing pictures whilst there is another bucket list item! Mickey Mouse better be ready for my photography skills! started in April this year after I closed down my original site which I started on at in January 2015, all my statistics have been lost from that blog site so I’ve only got the ones of this WordPress since April and I’m hoping to reach 10,000 views this year; that’s a lot of people clicking on my little blog link and reading my writing isn’t it?! Crazy. In relation to blogging again, I’d love to attend my first blogging event and I don’t care if it’s really big or small I just haven’t had the confidence this year (with it being my first year) so I’m hoping I’ll be able to this year.

The past few months I’ve been learning how to drive so no doubt passing my driving test and getting a licence is on my list this year; it’s crucial I get this done sooner rather than later as I need to concentrate on my studies. I’ll make sure I pass though; I’m determined.

This last one is kind of a sad one for me; I’ve been a big reader since I was about 12/13 and I often go through phases of reading a lot and then not reading – the phases only go on for weeks or months normally but unfortunately 2015 was a year that I hardly read at all, I think I maybe read less than 3 books for my own pleasure? So, I’ve set myself the low target of 15 books this year to actually read and complete. I’ve already started my first of the year so hopefully I’ll smash this particular list item.

They are my 1o/11 bucket list challenges for this year. I’d recommend just setting yourself 10 minutes aside and thinking about what you want to achieve this year then maybe write them down and focus on achieving them through the year.

You are the only person who can help yourself and you have to be willing to do so.

Be ready for the challenges that 2016 will bring.

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