We Heart Unicorn Highlighter


There are so many different types of highlighters out there

and the past few years there has been a massive surge in the trend of them. Brands have really upped their game to fit with all the different Instagram and social media trends, including highlighter. From liquid to powder, the highlighter game seems to be never ending! One particular highlight that did catch my eye a month or two ago was the I Heart Makeup ‘Unicorn Heart’ highlighter, after reading reviews on it I fell in love – I had to have it.

My mission was to go to my local Superdrug and see if they had it (as it was out of stock online) but to my surprise, they didn’t even stock that brand. Annoyingly I wasn’t aware that not every Superdrug actually stocks the brand so I went back to my flat really disappointed. After various trips to different Superdrug’s (as the online was still out of stock every time I looked), in completely different cities – Liverpool and Birmingham. My prayers were finally answered last Friday as I went for a browse in one of the Birmingham stores and found the last one on the shelf! I was so happy to finally find it as I was beginning to lose hope.

The highlighter comes in a beautiful white box that has holographic writing on, the actual packaging of the highlighter is much like the Two-Faced blushers and bronzers in that it’s shaped like heart. The highlighter is a rainbow shad and includes colours like blue, yellow and green. Although, when applied properly as highlighter it all blends together nicely to create the ultimate highlight. It is super pigmented and stays on for so long! I am absolutely in love with it and it was only £4.99 which is a bargain. There are so many high-end highlighters that aren’t even as good as this and they charge towards £20-30 for one highlighter which is just ridiculous!

Understandably, they are out of stock in many places and online but there are a few other good copies of this unicorn highlighter by brands like Lottie (check the stock here) and, Forever 21 (check their stock). These highlighters are much more readily available than the I Heart Makeup but out of all of them the reviews for this one are the best, if you want my advice I’d say wait until you can purchase this one!

Price: ★★★★★

Quality: ★★★★

Packaging: ★★★★★

Overall: ★★★★★

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