Sunny Skies & Pretty Lakes


I fell in love with Ljubljana.

From sunny, side streets with beautiful ice cream parlours to riding an hour away to get to one of the most amazing lakes ever. Everything about our time there was unreal. In case you don’t know where Ljubljana is (because I wasn’t sure until I researched it) it is the capital of Slovenia. It lies in the in the centre of Europe next to Croatia and Austria. The country is mainly known for ski resorts, mountains and its gorgeous lake; Lake Bled. Ljubljana castle is nestled on a hill in the centre of the city and looks out towards all the beautiful scenery.

When the sun is shining this city is a beautiful place to be but it’s probably ideal to spend no longer than 3 days there. It’s not cheap as Slovenia transferred over to the Euro a few years ago, but it’s a reasonable price if you’re looking for a nice place to stay for a city break.

The three-way bridge is a landmark that is unforgettable. The river (Ljubljanica) that flows beneath is such a pretty addition to the city.

As well as being one of the eco-friendliest cities in Europe, public and private transport (unless using it for consumer needs!) is blocked off in the main centre.

Meaning you have to get everywhere by foot, it’s not so bad as the capital is only small. There are so many little cafes and restaurants to try in the centre so you’re very spoilt for choice. From scrummy deserts to cheap, chirpy pizzas. If you’ve got time a trip up to the top of the castle is well worth a little visit. You can either walk (which we tried and failed) or you can pay a little price and get their funicular railway to the top (it cost us around 3 euros each for student prices. You can buy adult tickets for just an extra euro.)

A day trip can fill up one of your days whilst in Ljubljana. The coach journey to Bled (a city just an hour outside of the capital), takes you right through the centre and then to the famous Lake Bled.

The lake is known all over the world for the beautiful views and church on a tiny island.

After arriving it is so lovely to just take a look around and enjoy the sun. You can also buy ticket to go into the private part of the lake, allowing you to swim and have a sunbathe…

The whole experience of Ljubljana was so amazing and it’s well worth a visit if you’re around!


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