Summer is Coming


The official start of summer is the 21st of June this year, and it’s definitely something I’m really excited for. By the end of May all of my University exams will be out the way and the worries of keeping up to date on my course will be gone for three months. My summer won’t be all relaxing though, I’m planning on working as much as I can through the months of July and August to make as much money as possible to start get my second year in uni off to a good start but something that I can’t actually wait for is June.

There are so many good things that summer brings and every year -without a doubt each summer gets better and better. The sun isn’t always out and sometimes we have really rainy days but summer is my favourite time of year. Years ago I used to think that winter was my favourite and although I love snow and keeping warm in blankets, summer will always have a special place in my heart. Ice cream, beaches, adventures, music, no worries, and everything lovely is what summer is to me.

So, even though it’s 107 days away from today, I’m really counting down the days till we can officially say summer has started. Nothing can ever beat the feeling of the warm sun on your face, or spending precious time with family and friends outside in the warm weather. Sure, the UK doesn’t have the hottest or best summers but never-the-less, we always make it count and this year is no exception.

Here’s to a brand new summer that will bring adventure like no other and weather that gets you sweating like pig and smelling gross because of it but you know what? No one even cares because during summer – everyone is happy and that’s one of my favourite things.


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