Review: Revolution’s Retro Luxe Metallic Lip Kit.


I am absolutely in love with liquid lipsticks and with my IMG_20170406_205934_495ever-growing collection I couldn’t resist buying one of these new ones by Makeup Revolution but they were literally sold out everywhere I looked! Luckily the other day I found this amazing shade ‘We Rule’ and swatching it in Superdrug, seeing the amazing colour and purchasing it actually made my day because it is so beautiful. Normally, I go for matte liquid lipsticks as they look great, especially nude shades (on my lips) but I thought it would be very adventurous to venture out into the new trend of metallic lips.

The shade is a lovely peachy-nude (orange undertone) metallic colour, it looks a lot darker in the bottle and on photos than it is when it’s on your lips, and the kit comes with a lip liner. At just £6 I thought it was a bargain. I love the liquid IMG_20170406_205335_413lipstick, its texture and feel on the lips (it’s not sticky and doesn’t stay wet – even though it’s shiny!) but my main concern was the liner. For £6 you can’t really complain about it but the liner isn’t what I expected at all. Typically, I don’t use a liner for my lips and after using it for this I can confirm it makes no difference – in the case for this metallic liquid lipstick!

Something I love about this product though is not only the quantity and quality of the product but the packaging, as I’m sure you’re all aware I think rose-gold is such a lovely colour and the packaging for this is slightly rose-gold (more towards the orange side though), it is gorgeous and it looks so high end.

However, because it is really good – many stores are sold out and most of the time so is Superdrug’s website (you can buy it from Superdrug here) or you can have a look and maybe purchase Colour Pop’s metallic liquid IMG_20170407_155117_378lipstick in the shade Man Eater (which I’d say is almost identical to this) here.

Price: ★★★★★

Quality: ★★★★

Packaging: ★★★★★

Overall: ★★★★★


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