Is there anything that’s you’ve done in the past that you now totally regret? It could be anything; the way you looked, something you and your friends did, something you said, something you didn’t do?

Regretting is one of the biggest problems many of us face on a daily basis; I have A LOT of regrets! The only thing stopping me from wanting to punch my younger self in the face is the fact that I’ve learnt from my ‘mistakes’. To be completely honest a lot of my BIG regrets weren’t regrets until about a year after they happened.

I’ve looked someone straight in the face and lied to them; I’ve wore fake, black-rimmed 3D glasses daily; I’ve started and made many (disgustingly hideous) videos on a YouTube channel with my cousin; I’ve had that ‘emo’ stage were all I wore was Doc Martins and all I listened to was AC/DC, Guns ‘n’ Roses and Nirvana; I’ve had an obsession with BRIGHT pink blusher; and I’ve wore those (god-awful) hair bandanas.  And I can honestly say, I regretted every single one of them.

However, without lying to that person I probably would have crushed their heart and destroyed my friendship with them, without wearing those glasses I wouldn’t be able to have a laugh when looking back at old photos, without making those YouTube videos I wouldn’t have such a strong bond with my cousin (who is my one of best friends), without having that ‘emo’ stage I wouldn’t know my ‘style’ and my ‘place’ in the world, without wearing that BRIGHT pink blusher I wouldn’t know anything about makeup and without wearing those bandanas I probably wouldn’t know never to do it again.

My point is, without regrets we wouldn’t be able to learn and grow.  There are so many things to embrace and enjoy there isn’t any need to focus on your past regrets, look at them and laugh, look at them and cry, look and them and realise that without them you wouldn’t be the person you are today.

So there is no need to have “ragrets”, not even one letter. no-ragrets-1

(21st January 2015)

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