6 Reasons You Should Start Freelancing


Just around 6 months ago, towards the end of my first year of university, I started writing a lot more. The reason I initially got into freelancing is something I have never considered, mainly because once I had started and the ball was rolling – it was natural. Whether you’re a writer, web designer, producer, or copyrighter the possibilities with freelancing is endless.

One of my first jobs was for a woman in Singapore, she wanted someone to write beauty articles for $5, having very little experience I applied and got the job – I was over the moon. Thinking about working for $5 now just makes me laugh as I have grown so much as a writer and freelancer over the past 6 months which means I no longer have to work for such a low price. Freelancing is essentially working from home and doing a job that might not be readily available to you where you live but someone out there in the world wants to hire someone for it.
If you’re good enough then it can get to be good money, right now I’m studying at university so my freelance work is very limited but I can see how it works as someone’s main source of income. It’s a good job that I enjoy doing and hope to continue to do for a while, even if it’s just on the side of other things in my life. Now, I’m guessing you’re here for advice or you might just be considering starting to freelance and need a few reasons to push you. I’ve got the list just for you. These points aren’t in any type of order, they’re all pretty equal in terms of benefits to freelancing so order them in any way you want.

You gain work experience without the stress or pressure of a workplace,

and without the hassle of having to sort out the necessary training. Life can be so busy and especially when you’re young you are constantly pushed to get as much for your CV as possible. Freelancing is such a good idea if you want to build up your experience but you don’t have days or the life where you can do the typical volunteering.

You improve your skills that you’re already good at and start to become confident in your abilities.

I’m pretty informal on my blog but I can write academically and professionally when it’s needed (honest!) but ever since I started freelancing I have found my writing skills have improved so much, even in my university work too. This is since you never want to present work to a client that isn’t perfect, never settle for second best.

It’s flexible,

Which means you can do it wherever and whenever you want. This is especially good for students, part-time workers or if you’re doing something like an apprenticeship or internship. It’s not easy money, to begin with, but once you get into it, build your profile, and get your name out there then you’ll have work flooding in. You can most definitely only take on work you can handle too which means you’re never too over-loaded with work. You might even want to earn a little bit of pocket money on the side of your full-time job too which is totally a good idea.

Your name becomes more of a face than a number,

and by that, I mean you have a name in the industry you may want to work in someday. Freelancing can connect you with some of the best people and companies in the country/world which means you can be closer to doing what you love than you were before.

You can work for people and companies you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Like I said, I have worked for a woman in Singapore and I am currently working for a company in California as well as Newcastle and London. Without freelancing I wouldn’t have these opportunities.

Money, obviously.

Everyone loves a little bit of extra money in their pockets, don’t they? I know I do, I love freelancing and creating new content and the fact that I get paid for it, sometimes blows my mind but it’s amazing at the same time.
If you’re thinking of starting to freelance but want some advice then you can email me at hello@itsliviamae.co.uk, contact me on Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram, or just talk to me in person. If you feel confident enough for yourself you can set up a freelancing profile with the site UpWork or Freelancer right away!

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