Mistakes You’ll Make in Your First Year of University

Whether you move away from home or you don’t, the first year of University is hard.

Not just in terms of workload and what you have to do but the fact that you’re in a completely new environment that you’ve never been in before. You’re completely responsible for yourself and your success or failure. If you moved out and are living in accommodation then you’ve got the challenge of making new friends whilst also staying on top of work. Whilst if you stayed at home you’ve still got to make new friends on your course because odds are, you didn’t go to University with anyone you know. Mistakes are inevitable in life and University is definitely the place where you will make quite a few.

From drinking a little bit too much during freshers to falling behind on your course because you didn’t realise how hard it would be. Don’t worry though, even though you’re reading this and you’re aware of the mistakes that you could make, you’re still going to make them. The reason is simply that you’re young and life isn’t so serious, and it shouldn’t be either.

  1. Think you’ve made your FRIENDS4LIFE during freshers.

I wouldn’t say you couldn’t be more wrong but this is totally true. I had a ball during the first-year freshers with some nice people. In those moments, it seems like nothing will change but the truth is, the fun with a lot of those new friends will stop when freshers are over. Don’t get me wrong, I met one of my closest Uni friends at a fresher’s party so there is a lasting element to it. Just don’t think that those peoples Snapchat you added during Zoo Party will be your bestie in a few months. The truth is, making friends in Uni will come with time. I didn’t really find proper friends till towards the end of first-year but it does depend on situations.

  1. Not washing your clothes for 3 weeks and wonder why you smell.

As much as it is embarrassing, sometimes you’d rather have a pitcher in Wetherspoons than do your washing. If you’ve stayed at home then this will not be a problem and for that I envy you! You really don’t realise how much you don’t do in your house till you leave and have to fend for yourself. It’s a mistake I will not be making in second-year. It’s just learning to prioritise really, but a lot of the time during first-year your priority is alcohol and takeaways rather than making sure your clothes are washed.

  1. Sharing your dishes with your flatmates

This is a definite no, no if you want your stuff to stay intact. The problem with everyone sharing their dishes is that people don’t give a sh*t about your stuff and will just leave it for weeks being dirty. Sometimes they’ll even break your things and not tell you. I do suppose it depends on your flatmates, just be careful who you lend your stuff too as you might regret it in the long term.

  1. Fall behind on extra reading

During college and sixth-form there is loads of extra reading you get told to do all the time. No one ever does it and then you get to uni, you’re sat in a lecture and you hear those words again. You automatically switch off because who does extra reading right? Just a heads up, get it done when it’s set or when you get told to do it. I ended up only doing all the reading towards the end of a semester when I thought it might have been too late. Luckily it wasn’t but I wish someone had told e to stay on top of things.

  1. Take your whole life with you when you move.

This applies to those who moved again and it’s something that couldn’t be even truer. You’ll end up packing so much sh*t in the car when you travel to your Uni. By the end of the year, you’ve accumulated double what you took and now you can’t fit it all in the car to come home. Things like fictional books (those you don’t read). Those pants your nan bought you 5 years ago (that you’ve never worn.) Then those 52 nail varnishes just aren’t needed. Remember, you do come back for the odd weekend and Christmas so you don’t have to take everything you own with you at once.

  1. Buy a new, smart wardrobe of Uni clothes.

No dress code literally means no dress code. I can tell you right now if you turned up to lectures or Uni, in general, wearing a bin bag no one would care. So, unless you’re trying to impress someone, save your money (for alcohol and food!) and don’t go investing in loads of new clothes.

  1. Spend your student loan on pointless stuff like takeaways.

When that money goes into your account in September, April and June you may think you’re rich af. You’ll want to treat yourself to everything. If you’ve got a decent student loan too then you will be able to throw it away on pointless stuff. Then you’ll regret when you’ve got hardly any money at the end of the semester. I’m going to just say, be strategic with your money. Yet I know you won’t. So, just enjoy yourself.

Uni is a time to find out who you are whilst having a really good time. Just enjoy it whilst it lasts and try your best on your course. Everyone is in the same boat and is scared too so don’t think you’re on your own. Experiencing uni is such a good and amazing feeling. Just knowing your succeeding in whatever you want to do is great. After all, you’ll be leaving with £25,000+ debt (if you’re lucky) so you might as well make the most of it!

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