March Holy Grails!


Despite deadline, after deadline, after deadline in uni… I’ve still had some time this month to enjoy lots of things and invest/re-discover brands I’d totally forgotten about. As you can tell the amount of work I’ve been drowning in this month ultimately means my blog comes 2nd (well, actually about 4th when I think about all my other commitments) and therefore I just really haven’t had time to sit down and really write a blog post I was happy with. Buying new things and investing in certain products is hard when you’re tight for cash most of the time (because I spend most of my money on food and travelling) so I don’t really treat myself to new things as often as – let’s say – the next person, but fortunately a lot of my holy grails this month are either; cheap, bought on gift cards or bought by other people – so therefore everything is good!

A re-discovery that has came this month was wIMG_20170328_231650_332.jpghen I finished off my gorgeous Revolution ‘Golden Sugar’ palette, and I was going to invest in another similar palette. It turned out I had a brand new one under some other eye shadow palettes at the bottom of my makeup storage which was the ‘Golden Sugar 2’ by Revolution. This product is a highlighter, blush and bronzer palette that is absolutely lovely! The colours are so pigmented and the highlighters are so shimmery, the Revolution highlighters on their own are great anyway and there has been a lot of hype around them but the ones in this palette are so nice, they definitely give the perfect glow…

IMG_20170216_184825_553.jpgM.A.C. isn’t really a makeup brand I go to very often, mainly because of their high prices and the rumours that have circulated about animal cruelty in their testing labs but I actually had quite an old gift card I’d had for about 6/7 months just lying in my purse so I decided to spend it on something I think as a brand they do well, a lipstick! The colour is in ‘Viva Glam V’ and is super moisturising on my lips, it is a lovely pearly brown with a light pink undertone so it really suits my skin tone! It’s definitely worth a little purchase if you’re on the lookout for a new nude lipstick that is quality and pure pigment…

A brand new present I got off my boyfriend about a week ago IMG_20170328_224404_063because I never stop talking about makeup brushes and when I seen the Real Techniques new MultiTech collection I was utterly amazed, I got the point L size and I haven’t found it in me to start using it yet because I just love appreciating how IMG_20170328_224404_065beautiful it is to look at and too feel, but from reviews I know it’s going to be one of my best brushes and a great addition to my forever-growing collection of makeup brushes.


This is possibly the world’s best concealer and forIMG_20170222_170951_074.jpg the money it’s unreal. I know it gets so much hype from big YouTube and blogging stars but honestly I would 100% recommend using the Collection ‘Lasting Perfection’ concealer, it’s so much coverage and it stays on all day! It’s rare I find a concealer light enough on my skin but this is amazing, so great to find an affordable product to use more-or-less everyday.

Lastly, another new buy from my gorgeous boyfriend, these two pure pigments from NYX are so affordable and really glittery and literally so so lovely to apply. After getting two Ingolt pigments whilst in Poland last year I have become IMG_20170328_231802_887.jpgobsessed with wearing them on nights out and when doing nice things but with only two colours its hard to make it work but luckily I’ve got another two new colours, including a lovely light baby pink and a perfect sliver sparkly one. They’re so nice and under £5 each meaning you might even be able to invest in the whole collection… I know I might have a go at trying!



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