Life-Changing Cities You’ve Got To Visit

I always get told that for someone so young, I’ve been to quite a few places (there’s no denying it!)

Despite loving everywhere I travel to, there are some cities that always stand out in my mind. Throughout the world, there are many places that so many people would call life-changing. Places in the middle-east and Africa, seem to really change people when they return from visiting them. As I am so young, I haven’t visited those places just yet but I have been to many other places. Out of the places I have been, there has been so many different cultures and ways of life. Some of the cities you can never forget, mostly for the right reasons too. Whether it’s the crispy crunch of winter leaves under your feet as you walk through central park in the middle of February or the sun on your face as you lick ice cream in the heart of one of Europes favourite places. There is just something about experiencing and creating memories in these places that

For the most part, Europe is pretty forgettable for most people. These days people are all about either sunning it up in Egypt or going jungle exploring in the middle of New Zealand. Although city breaks are popular, the number of Brits actually travelling around and exploring different cities in Europe is at a low. People just want somewhere they can go lounge around in sunbeds all day, I admire the people who love going to cities that not everyone thinks to go too. They’re often the best and most interesting. Using the places, I’ve been too in the last few years I have made a little list of cities you’ve got to visit. They aren’t in any order and I don’t have any particular favourites but they’re all really life-changing.

New York

New York is a place that every day you aren’t there you dream of being there, a place where when you are there, it feels so surreal and a place that is very very expensive (if you want to have a good time!) Even though my experience of New York was very out-of-this-world, it’s not a place I’d go on a budget. Save up your pennies and go when you’ve got quite a few. You might have to wait a year or even two, but it will be worth it. Trust me. Make sure when you do go (because everyone has to go at some point!) that you do the boat tour of the Statue of Liberty, the Ground Zero museum and shop, shop, shop! The upbeat streets of New York are sure to imprint your memory full of fun and laughter, mainly because you might get ran over my buses and cars a few times. Other than that, you’re fine.


A complete contrast to New York but on a whole other level is Amsterdam. I’m always wishing of going back (and I will be doing soon) but my first experience was amazing. Cities in Europe are so beautiful, the natural and man-made things really do change the way you see things. Amsterdam may be known for other things but its culture and pure beauty is something you can’t explain. It’s not expensive to fly there from the UK and when you get there it’s pretty average European prices so if you’ve got a little bit of spare cash, book yourself a little city break away. Definitely, visit the Van Gogh museum if you’re around and have a little go of the tram too!


Not only is it super cheap for food and drinks but it is a stunning city. Budapest and the river that runs through it, the Danube are true memories and pieces of your heart when you leave Budapest. The culture and architecture are something that anyone can enjoy, and the Instagram pictures are amazing (it’s an Instagram heaven!) The palace and water front are worth a visit and so are the kebab takeaways! You might not think it but I had one of the nicest big pizza slices and kebabs from Budapest and it only cost us £5 for both of us…


Maybe a little bit of a cheat as I’ve never been to central Paris, only Disneyland. That is enough to make you want to go, make all your magical dreams come true and then never leave! Every time I’ve been it hasn’t been a season or special occasion but I’d love to go around Christmas or New Year, everything is so festival and lovely. Disneyland is very expensive if you want to live the high life, buy things in the parks, and come home with gifts but that’s why you’ve got to save up your pennies before you go. The rides, the atmosphere and the magic of Disney just make it something truly unforgettable!

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