Royale Palette Swatches and Thoughts

I’m definitely a self-confessed hoarder, especially when it comes to makeup.

I love everything from eyeshadow to concealers and primers. Whenever I shop, I can very rarely walk past a beauty store and not go in, to be completely honest though I’m a lot better than I used to be. Despite this, I still love finding some gorgeous beauty finds and after stumbling upon Jolie Beauty last year I have since fallen in love with everything they sell. You may have seen my review on the Bomb Dot Com palette if you haven’t then you can read it here. That palette is one of my favourite of all time, I practically wear it every time I go out on a night out. When I found out about the new Royale Palette, I had to get my hands on it. Jolie Beauty then offered to send it to me and as soon as it arrived on my doorstep I have been in love with it.

The palette is comprised of 16 shades, with only 5 mattes and 11 shimmers. The colours literally pop so much and have amazing pigment. From bright pink to the darkest black shadow ever, there isn’t any other colour you would need after owning this palette. Even just swatching the colours very lightly on my arm, you can see the pigment payoff they all have. The shimmers are stunning, and the mattes give you the flexibility to create more of a day-time look as well as being the perfect night-out palette.

For every light and bright colour in this palette, there seems to be its darker counterpart which is extremely useful if you’re useless at creating a beautiful smoky eye, then this palette may help to give you a little guidance. Moving on from the colours, can we just talk about the white packaging? I never thought I’d be able to admire such a plain piece of packaging but it’s so beautiful. The palette weighs 18.6g making it pretty lightweight and perfect for travelling too.

Each shade has its own pan and the shade mix is really diverse. In our beauty world right now it’s so hard to get a palette that has such a range of colours in it, they’re mostly nudes and dark rustic shades. Although there are 4 shimmery/matte brown colours, there is still the diversity of the rest of the palette to create endless rainbow looks. I am yet to try out the brighter, more extravagant colours such as the bright blue and pink, but I’m sure I’ll get creative soon and try out a few looks using this palette.

The Royale Palette has so many beautiful features that make it truly unique, and for the price, I would definitely be stocking up! Combining all the different shades, whether that is the dark brown or matte purple, you can really come out with a look sure to make everyone jealous. In terms of pigmentation, it is honestly one of the best palette’s I’ve ever come across, although the palette isn’t cheap, it’s very good quality for £23.99!

If you’re looking for a palette that will always help you out, even on your worst days, then this Royale Palette by Jolie Beauty is definitely something you need to try out. If £23.99 is a little bit more than you’d like to pay, I have a discount code for 10% off, just type in itsliviamae when you’re at the checkout and you can get it for £21.60 instead. Visit the Jolie Beauty website here to purchase the palette for yourself.

p.s. the discount code also works on other products too so have a look at their website to see if any else tickles your fancy!

Price: ★★★★★

Quality: ★★★★★

Packaging: ★★★★

Overall: ★★★★★

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