How to Start a Blog

Back in early 2015, I started my blog and since then I have gained a lot of valuable experience.

You’re most likely here because you’re thinking of starting a blog and you have no idea where to start? So much has changed in the blogging world since it’s becoming people’s jobs. It used to be a lot simpler to just go on a site, create a username and off you went, blogging about who and god knows what. Nowadays it’s all about being the best, having the best site and the most followers. So, the first thing I’d say to you if you’re thinking of starting a blog is that, make sure you really want too. Don’t just do it because everyone else is and you think you should.


Think of your blog name

Probably one of the hardest steps in setting up a blog is getting your name. You can be original and just choose your own name but being a little more inventive will benefit you eventually. It doesn’t have to be too out there, just maybe something that represents you and your hobbies. Love makeup? Think of a blog name about makeup. Are you a dog person? Come up with a name around dogs!
Another thing you’ve got to consider which I’d say is also an important part of choosing your blog name is your purpose. You can’t have a blog name like ilovedogs then blog about fashion really, can you? I suppose you can but it would be pretty deceiving to the reader if they think they’re clicking on a blog about dogs. Be creative and don’t rush this step, once you’ve thought of a name and you love it… Move on to the next step.


Choose your platform

You can start a blog in under an hour. The second step is to find your favourite hosting platform. For about 6 months I used a really crap platform which I then ended up changing to WordPress. If you’re not exactly a tech wizard and can’t build your own website to blog on then I’d recommend going with WordPress or Blogger. It’s actually crazy the number of websites that use WordPress just to use as a host on their site.


Customize it

Use the customized features to make your blog your own. Add backgrounds, pictures, and everything that you like to it. Afterall, this blog is yours so you can do anything you want to make it look how you like. Don’t worry about people not liking it either, as long as it’s readable (don’t have a green background with blue writing) you’re good to go.
Regarding having some sort of logo, if you don’t have the money to get it professionally done then you’ll have to do it for yourself or just leave it as it comes on the blog. You can use photo editors such as Pic Monkey or Gimp to create a little design, it doesn’t have to be very intricate or detailed. Your blog name and maybe some butterflies will look lovely.


Publish your first post

Get your writers head on and write your first post. Don’t feel pressured to write a certain way or try to be funny if you’re not. It’s all about being yourself and loving what you’re doing.
That’s it, it’s really that simple. Love your writing and promote it to your friends and family. Before you know it you’ll have been doing it for 2 and a half years and you’ll be writing a post on how to start a blog just like me!
Seriously though, if you are thinking about it – just do it. It’s amazing to have a place down to write your thoughts, opinions, and experiences. To look back after a year or two and see how much you’ve grown, or see how much you loved a trip just feels great. It’s definitely something I’ll do for a long time, I may not post everyday or post about stuff everyone likes but I’ve always made sure I loved blogging and so should you.

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