Last week one of my college friends (Sophia) asked me a question that I think about often, but never really answer. She asked if I was happy; I followed that with “well, I suppose at this moment in time I am, are you?” To which she replied; “assuming ‘happy’ is an actual state of mind and feeling then yes. I am”

With this in mind, I started thinking.

What exactly is happiness? Does everyone feel it? Do people have the right to be happy? Does everyone have the right to be happy? There are so many questions that seem to flutter around my mind when thinking about it, and I always seemed stunned when asked the question.  If I say yes will I seem vain and modest? But if I say no will I seem depressed and ungrateful?

The dictionary definition of the word “happy” is; feeling or showing pleasure or contentment, but being a teenager in the 21st century it’s not always easy to feel pleasure or contentment, especially when you have mock exams, 4 ICT deadlines, and a 5 thousand word essay to do for tomorrow. However, it’s not hard to think about all of the negative aspects of life whilst you’re suffocated with deadlines, smothered with exam questions and getting practically 3 hours sleep a night. To be completely honest I totally look up to the people who are able to stay happy and continue to exceed in school, college or their workplace.

Despite this, I’m still able to keep a straight head and feel positive towards almost everything I do, being happy isn’t everything but if you stay positive and enjoy yourself then surely that’s sufficient enough? If it isn’t then you really need to re-evaluate your lifestyle choices and priorities.

Are you happy?

Easy to ask; not so easy to answer.

But as the wise male fictional character, Augustus Waters, once said “I’m on a rollercoaster that only goes up, my friend”

(14th January 2015)

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