How To Prep Your Face Before Makeup

Looking after your skin is so important.

As our lives are often very busy we tend to forget about the littlest things we can do every day to make our skin look even better. One main problem we face is prepping our skin, especially before makeup. If you’re an everyday user of makeup, prep should be your best friend but unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Preparing your face for makeup involves time and effort which a lot of don’t have much of, but it’s so good when we actually do these things. By doing these steps you should actively start seeing not only a change in your routine (as it adapts to your 5 steps) but also a change in your skin, it’ll look so much healthier and more vibrant.

Cleansing, our old friend.  

A good cleanser should hydrate and help tone your skin – an essential first step to preparing your face for makeup. For those with more sensitive skin, some advice would be to stay away from the stronger cleansers that have acidic ingredients such as hydroxyl and witch hazel (you can check the labels on cleansers to see what they contain – and how much of these things they contain). In addition to this, cleansers that contain high amounts of alcohol (not the sort that gets you drunk, the pure stuff) can often dry out your skin so if you’re naturally prone to a dry face, stay away from those ones too.

Exfoliate as much as possible, but also not too much.

The main reason your makeup clumps is a face that had too many dead cells on the surface. By exfoliating, you can get rid of these horrible nasties and let your inner beauty shine through with some new, fresh skin. Now, thinking about skin types, for those with oily skin you want to exfoliate less than those with dry skin. Most websites will tell you to exfoliate every morning (or at least every day) but for those with the slightly oilier skin, you want to do it more like every other day which will mean when you actually do it your skin feels amazing!

Application of serum comes next.

A lot of people miss out this very important step. After you exfoliate, the dead skin cells go away – great, right? But if you don’t close the pores you have open (because of the exfoliating) you’ll just end up with dirty pores again and the vicious circle continues.

Moisturise everyday morning, and night.

Whenever you can just moisture, it hydrates and smoothes out your skin and without it, your skin would be a nightmare. Similar to the cleanser step, you need to make sure you get a moisturizer for your skin type. Buying an oily skin moisturizer when your skin is really dry will end up in a disaster. Brands always put on the front of their moisturizers what skin type it’s for so don’t worry, that part so done for you. All that’s up to you are buying the right one!

Prime time is right before you start your makeup application with your face primer.

There are so many and you can get some good ones that aren’t going to break the bank too much, for such an important step in your makeup routine. Primer acts as a protective barrier that separates your skin to your makeup and this is amazing. There are so many different types too; anti-aging, colour-correcting, for oily or dry skin, mineral primers and much more.

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