The Festival Makeup Looks of 2017

Oh, I love looking at festival pictures

It makes me excited for the summer when the weather is gorgeous and all you want to do is sip cold drinks outside. The sun, the sky and nothing else but you and your girlfriends. Personally, I’ve never had the experience of a British festival but I’ve always said I’ll save myself for an American one. I’m not really one to put my wellies on and dance in the rain, I’d rather sit with sandals on and chill in the sun. By going to an American festival, it is more likely I’ll get the latter.

Through the years there have been so many different looks that various festivals have had, though these days it’s all about the boho look (bright colours and looking edgy) which is totally up my street. If you’re going to a festival this year, just know. I’m extremely jealous and here are a few makeup looks that are trending in 2017 so if you’re lucky enough to have the materials to do them then you really should!

Blue Glitter Beauty

Glitter is a trend that has been going around for years but most notably this year and at festivals. Everyone is just so happy during the festival season which means they often want to spread the joy with gorgeous glitter! You can create a look like this one by buying some hair spray with glitter in, then buying some chunky hair glitter. You can buy it here for quite cheap. Sometimes buying a temporary hair dye can make a look like this pop more, especially if it’s a wild colour like red, pink, or blue.

Bright-Eyed Beauty

I think I honestly fell in love with this eye-look when I saw it. The festival season is all about being bright and bold, this look definitely does that. The warm tones in the shadow can bring out brown eyes so much, but to be honest I think anyone can really rock this look. It’s easily achievable too. The Sleek ultra-bright matte palette has all the colours you need and it’s so cheap to – check it out here. By blending all the beautiful colours together, you can create a look that is so stunning it’s sure to blow all your festival friends away.

Boho Beauty

Glitter or coloured dots around the eye-brows have become a growing trend that everyone seems to love. Bright Eyes with sparkles and adding the statements on top just really do finish a look! It’s so popular at festivals as it looks so gorgeous. You can be simple and create the look with some glitter eyeliner or buy some cheap little gems to do it. This beauty has obviously paid a little more for her gems as they’re stunning! Get some very similar here.

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