A to Z on The Essentials For When You’re Travelling

I love travelling and ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to just see as many places as humanly possible.

I’ve never understood the mentality of those who are content with staying put in one place without going anywhere else. As humanity progresses we find increasingly people are looking for new experiences and adventures, I’m definitely one of those people. However, I’ve never wanted to do my travelling the normal, holidaying way. I much prefer to see the sites and get so tired my feet throb at the end of the day. That type of travelling requires things that normal holidays don’t and I thought (since I’m going away on Wednesday) that it was quite fitting to have a roundup of the essentials for when you’re out travelling.


are probably the most important thing when travelling to a country that doesn’t use your plug sockets. Especially these days when we love using electronic devices like phones and camera. Travelling just wouldn’t be the same if you can’t show everyone what you’re up to and when.


is great because as a student I can’t afford to be paying the prices it costs for hold luggage on planes and, who really wants to pull around a 23kg case? All’s I want to do when I get to a place that’s nice is explore and investigate everywhere. It’s very hard to that when you’re pulling what feels like an elephant! If you don’t have one, get yourself a backpack (a big one!) and you’ll be sorted for your travels.


like I said before. Travelling is amazing and as much as I love it, I love showcasing my experiences with the world. I am extremely privileged to be able to travel as much as I do, it’s great to make that travelling into the physical like having photos.


are for those who are going out of Europe (or even those who need to have their travel insurance on them!) They’re super important because things like forgetting your VISA can stop you for entering a country. Remember your documentation, you’ll really regret it if you don’t.


save my life! I’d be nowhere without them as they allow me to escape for the world, they’re great for flights and just whilst you’re travelling in general. It’s no good playing your films and music aloud, especially in busy places!

Flat shoes,

I’m not sure about your travelling experiences but all I seem to do when I’m away is walk, walk, and walk some more! Advice would be to make sure you pack comfortable, flat shoes that you can walk in. They’ll be a lifesaver.


are necessary when you don’t have fully functioning eyes like mine! It’s so much better to take your glasses if they’re needed because you get to really experience the places you go. Don’t leave them in places either! (glasses – if needed)


and bobbles are amazing when you’re away and it’s hot. Putting your hair up in a little bun or ponytail really stops your head from getting sweaty and itchy, especially if you have super long hair. Plus, when you travel, your hair can tend to become really matted and messy…

Insect repellents

or sting relievers are good when you are visiting countries with lots of little midges such as African countries. Bites can be so nasty and it’s always better to be readily prepared to fight the little nasties with some repellent.


and vaccinations are recommended for those travelling further away countries such as those in the third year. You obviously want to have a good time and it not be ruined by spending your time in a hospital so why not take the (free) jabs that are available before you go? You’ve got nothing to lose.

Lock and keys

are more for people who stay in hostels and need to lock their things up in the daytime when they go out sightseeing. As much as I’d like to have faith in humanity these days, you can’t ever trust anyone you meet on the road so get a lock and key just to be sure your things are safe.


or even google maps help you out in foreign places as they can often be very scary. Familiarising yourself with the map before you go (or knowing what you want to do) can really help your confidence when you’re in a place.


can be anything from a bottle to a can opener, it depends what your priority is. It’s surprising but European supermarkets are very intimidating and just wanting to open a bottle of beer whilst your away can be a task, carry a bottle opener if you want your drinks available!

Passport (or ID)

might seem like a stupid essential on the list but without it, you’re getting into nowhere so make sure you remember it. Otherwise you’re going straight home!

Reading material

for extra-long and boring journeys, as although travelling is amazing and I love it. Sometimes the actual getting their can seem a bit dull. After all, there isn’t much to do on airplanes and a coach isn’t the best place to burst out into song because you’re bored. Get yourself endorsed into a lovely new book – I totally recommend something like ’13 Reasons Why’ or ‘It’s Kind of a Funny Story’.


because who doesn’t love food?


for staying clean and fresh on the road, even if you only take a little shampoo and shower gel and invest in some more when you’re there. It’s better to be safe than sorry. The last thing you want to do is be trailing around a country, looking for some wash gel when you smell disgusting and are fed up with the day.


because unfortunately, as nice as it is to not have a bra on in the night-time, it’s not socially acceptable to go around commando yet. It’s quite sad really but I’m definitely going to be the first to try it!


with money in, you’re not really going to get very far without some money or even a credit/debit card. I highly recommend you remember your money. When travelling too, it’s good to have multiple wallets to distribute your money, therefore if you get stolen from when you’re out one day, not all your money is gone at once.


I know, I know. I said A to Z didn’t I? Well I’m sorry. I tried my hardest but I honestly couldn’t find anything that I thought was good enough for this post. I hope this list helped you if you’re going away soon and if you are, I hope you have a great time!

Happy travelling!!

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