DIY: Unicorn Hot Chocolate


A few months ago a video went viral on the internethotchoco showcasing a New York Coffee shop named Creme and Sugar who sell all types of different unicorn themed confectionery and snacks from cakes and doughnuts to HOT CHOCOLATE. After watching the video I was amazed by the imagination and uniqueness of these amazingly beautiful drinks and snacks. I watched videos upon videos on YouTube explaining how to make the famous unicorn hot chocolate and finally decided to do it myself. Although mine didn’t turn out as good as you can get from Creme and Sugar all the ingredients and materials came to under £6 (which also means you can make about 6/7 serving if you absolutely love it!).

unicornhotchoco.jpgThe Ingredients;

  • Milk (any type works but I always use semi-skimmed) (75p)
  • White hot chocolate powder (this was just for cheapness, you can buy chocolate instead and make your own from scratch.) (£1)
  • Food colouring (I chose pink and blue because these are the colours that Creme and Sugar advertise and they look so cute!)(60p each = £1.20)
  • Whipped cream (90p)
  • Colourful sprinkles and decorations (anything from mini marshmallows to white chocolate stars!)(70p x 3 = £2.10)

Total = £5.95

The first stage is to measure out your milk depending on how many you are making and heat it up however you normally do, I chose the microwave. Make sure it is at a hot but not boiling temperature as you want to be able to let the powder/chocolate melt but not scold your mouth! Next add the white chocolate power or blocks, mix in until it is completely dissolved and make sure you get white chocolate as it allows the colours to be a lot more vibrant. Then simply add your food colouring (as little or as much as you would like – to get a baby pink or blue colour like the ones pictured you only need 1 or 2 drops).

The next part is the most fun! This is the timebluechoco.jpg to get creative, add your cream on top and then all the sprinkles you can imagine, there is so many possibilities and the end result looks and tastes amazing! You’ve got to make sure you drink it pretty fast and eat your cream because it always tastes better when its warm. I was so happy with how this actually turned out and it wasn’t even too expensive either. A lovely little treat for sleepovers, parties or even just for yourself on a night in!


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