The Delicious Foods of Europe


I’ve always been a big foodie. We have a great relationship – food and I.

I love tasty, and delicious foods so it was only custom for Richie and I to try as many snacks as possible when we were travelling around Europe. Something amazing about us is that we can both really appreciate food in general so it’s great when we get to try lots of different ones from all the countries. Snacks we tried varied a lot, somewhere lovely and others weren’t as nice but it’s all about the experience. There are also some snacks that I miss so much I wish I was back in the country! From ice cream to pastries, these delicious foods are to be tried when you go.

Mixed chocolate and vanilla ice cream in Berlin.

Whippy ice cream isn’t really my thing but this one was amazing! The flavours were lovely and everything about it made me want more. We shared one but after tasting it, we were both regretting that choice. Alexandraplatz Market is the place we bought it from and it was only 2 euros! The hot weather plus this delicious cold, sweet ice cream really made all of our walking worthwhile!

Fritule (fried doughballs) from Zagreb.

They are Croatian pastries that are traditionally made around Christmas time but luckily, we got to try these whilst there in June, the market in the main square were selling them for 20kn (around £2.40) which is quite expensive but they were yummy! We just got ours with sugar on and ate it with wooden stick, warm and lovely.

Ice cream rolls whilst in Ljubljana.

Facebook viral videos made me want one of these so much. When we seen them at the Burger and Beer festival, I had to get one! Mine was strawberry and raspberry whilst Richie when for Nutella and hazelnut cream. The enjoyment on our faces as the guy at the stall made them was a picture! It was quite expensive (3 euros 40 cents) for just one but because if the hype of them, we just couldn’t leave without getting one.

Trdelnik pastries in Prague.

This delicious street food is made from rolled dough that is wrapped around a stick and then grilled, topped with a sugar and walnut mix. You can ask for lots of different fillings from Nutella, to ice cream and strawberries. They’re extremely messy but they’re a total game-changer. Worth a taste if you’re in Prague, they’re not hard to find either because the street stalls are everywhere!

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