Captivating Cities to Put on Your Travel Bucket List

I love travelling, the more places I see over the years, the more I realise how much there is to actually see in the world.

Whether it’s the top of the mountains in England or the bottom of the Red Sea, there is a whole world out there wanting and needing to be explored. Despite not being everywhere (yet wanting to be!), I have researched a lot of amazing countries and cities around the globe and have come up with a list of 10 cities that are necessary to any traveller and their travel bucket list.

You may have been to one or two but getting to every one of them should be your ultimate goal, I know it’s mine. Despite not having a lot of spare cash with studying and living at university, I still find the opportunity to get myself away (get ready for some Thailand based blogs over the next few months as I’m off there in June!) If I get to visit all of these amazing places before I die, then I will be very happy.

Travelling isn’t for everyone, and that’s not something you should be critiqued for, but for some people, it’s the best way to find themselves, have fun, and make amazing memories they will never forget. I couldn’t see a world without travelling, and I wouldn’t want to. The world is utterly indescribable sometimes, and this means you’ve got to visit these places for yourself. The photos and pictures often don’t do these places enough justice.


New York, USA

After visiting the concrete jungle of dreams at the beginning of 2016, I have never found anything that lives up to the amazing buildings and structures (maybe Thailand will finally break this!) of NYC. From the boat rides at the Statue of Liberty, to the depths of 5th avenue shopping and central park. There is an endless amount of exciting and interesting things to do when you’re in New York. You may want to visit a donut café, or try a very fancy restaurant, whatever you do – it’s New York and it’s like no other place on earth. It may not be a natural beauty, but it definitely has a few beauty concrete beauties that everyone can admire together.


Berlin, Germany

Europe is known for its amazing city breaks and cities with hundreds of beautiful landmarks. Berlin in Germany is no different. With an extensive history involving the war, there is something interesting for everyone to do. Not only this, but Berlin sell some of the best sausages you will ever taste (the KFC is amazing too!) Whether you visit during the German Christmas Markets or in the height of summer, you won’t be waiting around for fun things to do, there is simply something everywhere. Try visiting the Reichstag during the summer months as there is often summer festivals in the front gardens which are great if you want to have a dance or eat some nice food.


Phuket, Thailand

A place I’m planning to experience in a few short months, Phuket is a beach heaven. Monkeys roam the beaches as well as beautiful boats that you can hire to admire the clear sea from something other than land. If you want to relax and enjoy some time in the sun, then Phuket in the summer time (from April to June) is the best time to go, you miss their rainy season (which is later in the year), and you get the clear blue skies. Better get packing your sunscreen though as the weather can get really hot.


Auckland, New Zealand

Based on the harbours, Auckland in New Zealand is another beautiful concrete jungle of skyscrapers and clear waters. The largest city in New Zealand with a population of over 1.5 million, it is known for its urban culture as well as selling some of the best food in the whole of the world. Beautiful man-made bridges, radio towers and everything you could ever imagine – Auckland is a city that everyone must visit at some point in their life. It’s also apparently good for shopping if you like doing that whilst on your holidays.


Barcelona, Spain

In late 2017, I visited Barcelona in Spain (Catalonia) for a few beautiful days, as well as visiting the huge football stadium they have, we ventured around the small roads and alleyways of the city. Visit individual restaurants if you want real authentic Spanish food, and make sure you take time out of your visit to go and admire the Sagrada Familia, one of the biggest basilicas in the world. The city can get hot and trekking around the landmarks isn’t fun when you’re hot and bothered, so try going in the cooler months if you’re planning on walking a lot!

There are so many other beautiful cities I could make this list go on for another few thousand words, but they’re the best ones I have experienced or researched so far. The world is a beautiful place, why not go out and explore it a little more?

Lots of love,

Liv x

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