Caring for Your Cosmetics

Loving makeup is often a daily task, and being a makeup hoarder can be hard sometimes.

Cosmetics are products that must be taken care of because of their very fragile nature. Especially the expensive products that you want to make last a lot longer, you’ve got to really take care of them. Sometimes even the small things you do with your makeup can go a long way.

Always wash your makeup brushes.

You can do this around every 2 weeks and it doesn’t have to be as hard as you may think – soap and water will do the trick. If you want to take extra care of them there are also makeup cleansers for brushes that are available in drugstores or even supermarkets. Washing your brushes not only cleans them making them nice and fluffy but makes them a lot more hygienic. Leaving makeup brushes to go dirty can allow your face too often break out in spots.

Sanitise your makeup often.

Especially when you buy second hand makeup or when you use your makeup on other people – you never know what bacteria is living on those products or on other people’s faces so take care. Sanitising mists are not expensive, it could be the difference between having a very spot-ridden face and not.

Bin any cosmetic product if it doesn’t feel right.

Makeup should be tossed out after around 3 months anyway but if you have a product that feels dry or has changed texture since you first bought it, it probably isn’t hygienic to use it on your face. It’s hard to come to terms with the idea that that Lancôme mascara has dried out but let’s be real doll, it’s not doing anything for your lashes anymore!

Storage is the key.

Placing and leaving your makeup and cosmetics in particularly hot or cold places can often be the reason you have to throw it out, it can cause it to change texture and separate the ingredients. Make sure you are keeping your makeup in a cool, dry area with no damp and nowhere that catches the sun often.

As well as where you place your cosmetics, it’s important to factor in how you store it, ensuring your brushes are upright and separate from other products can help them stay cleaner and fresher for longer. My advice would be to store your eye-shadow, foundation, and lip brushes all separately!

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