Bomb Dot Com Palette and Swatches

There are so many different glitter palettes online, they’re all the rave right now so you basically see them everywhere.

It’s so hard to know what ones are good and the ones that are just hyped up for views. Jolie Beauty is a relatively new makeup brand who specialize in making glitter eye shadow palettes including this amazing, Bomb Dot Com palette. When it first arrived I was so excited! I’ve bought a lot of makeup in the past but I’ve never owned anything like this. The glitters I own are mainly loose pigmented ones or just simply loose glitters.

Taking it to the next level, Jolie Beauty has been able to design a bright, beautiful pigmented glitter palette that sticks amazingly to your eyelids. I’m so excited to use this palette and get started on all the different looks I can create with it. I thought it was only fitting to do some swatches and take a look at the colours a little closer. Ranging from bright pink and purples to dark golds and maroons, there isn’t a glitter in here that you won’t use. The darker colours are probably best for when you’re going out whilst the light glitters can be used on more of a daily basis.

What makes this palette different to anything I’ve ever used is that the glitter is bound together with glue, eye safe obviously.

The creamy (though rough) texture is easily blendable but is still really pigmented. To the left, there is some gold, silver, blue and rose gold swatches. One of the most pigmented of the 24 shades is the gold or rose-gold. They’re probably two of my favourites too. There are less pigmented colours in the palette but I would rate them all at least 8 out of 10 if not even 9. Application of the glitter is so easy too. You can use a normal eyeshadow brush or just simply your fingers. Not everyone likes to apply with a brush as the glitter can ruin the brush. However, if you buy a cheaper brush and use it for the application then it shouldn’t be so bad.

It costs £25.99 for this 24 shade glitter palette but you can get 10% off with the code itsliviamae if you buy it here. It’s definitely worth the money if you’re looking for a new and exciting palette to spruce up your makeup routine. Similarly, you can look at their other products on their website too! They have some lovely makeup brushes I’m saving up for!

Price: ★★★★

Quality: ★★★★★

Packaging: ★★★★★

Overall: ★★★★★






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