Being Beautified by Blow LTD

One of the ultimate rewards of having a blog is when you’re invited to events, to do sponsored posts, or trying out new things you haven’t before.

There have been so many occasions when I’ve wanted to do things related to my blog, but I never have because of my part-time job or just being scared to meet lots of other amazing bloggers. At the end of last year, I took the huge step to finally get myself out there and agree to an event (yay for doing freelance writing and having a flexible schedule!). After various emails to a lovely PR lady, we had set up a morning/afternoon of getting pampered to the max by the lovely ladies who work for Blow LTD in Birmingham. I thought it would only be fitting to write a blog post about it, as they’re new to Birmingham and vastly growing through the UK which means you might be able to give them a visit.

Blow LTD is all about fast, but quality, beauty treatments.

They offer haircuts and colours, dry’s and even stylish up-dos. They also do nails and makeovers, so if you’re on the lookout for somewhere where you can get everything done in one place, Blow might be for you. One of the best things about Blow is that you can get them to come to your house or you can either book an appointment in any of their beauty bars (in Debenhams!) or just pop in whenever you feel like.

All of the girls that I met were lovely and so helpful in terms of telling me all about Blow, how they started working for them and what it’s like to work for them. The lady who did my hair (she was amazing!) is mainly mobile but also works in the beauty bar too. She said she really enjoys having the flexibility of either going to a salon or going to other people’s houses!

It’s late November and I’m up at 9am on a Saturday.

I was ready to go home to Liverpool after a morning of getting my hair and makeup fixed-up by a lady in the Malmaison (it’s a super fancy hotel, for those who didn’t know!) I arrived and waited for her to arrive, unfortunately, there was a mix up with the schedules, so I got my hair and makeup by two separate people, the first lady was just there for hair.

She did three gorgeous hair looks on me which I absolutely loved, my favourite was probably the whole up-do. I wouldn’t necessarily wear it for an everyday look or even a night out, but it would look nice if you’re off to a wedding or family gathering that’s quite fancy. The other two hair looks were a lot simpler! I absolutely loved her creativity as I hadn’t even showed her a picture of what I wanted done, she just created whatever she liked.


Next, it was onto makeup.

Blow offer four different makeup looks you can choose when you visit their beauty bar or get your makeup done mobile. When I had mine done it was one of Christmas looks but from what I know now they have changed since. However, they were all natural looking and could be worn throughout the year. Although I did enjoy speaking to the makeup artist, and I liked the makeup. It wouldn’t be my first choice for a makeup look. Mainly because I tend to go for heavy makeup around my eyes, and I love contour. The makeup on the pictures shown didn’t look like what I had done. Nevertheless, it was lovely to have a little pampering! I’d definitely go back to try out their nail bar as it looked really great.

Overall, my time being beautified by Blow LTD was very enjoyable, fun, and something I’d do again tomorrow. They have 5 stores, 3 of which are beauty bars (all of those are in Debenhams) and the other 2 are in Canary Wharf and Covent Garden, they’re actual beauty salons! You can visit their website here.

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