An Instagram Heaven!

Budapest is located towards the North of Hungary

and is the capital of the country. It’s a beautiful city with so much culture and little things to do and see all the time. Just as you think you’ve seen something, around the corner you’ll find something else. There are several buildings in the capital that many know about and love (such as St Stephens Basilica and the Parliament Building) but behind the scenes there is so much more. I love social media especially Instagram and whilst travelling I upload on it all the time (go follow me!) Budapest has brought so much bright colour and wonderfulness onto my Instagram!

There are so many ways you can improve your Instagram feed

(going travelling is one of those ways, including the gorgeous Budapest). However, simply using your surroundings more can be a huge advantage. In Budapest there are so many tiled floors (which make your Instagram look so good!), we took a picture outside the Basilica of our feet with the floor tiles. For Instagram, all I did was edit the photo so the colours were brighter and stood out more. Budapest being the beautiful city it is, you don’t really need to edit your photos too much but it’s always nice to add a bit of depth and personality.

Inside the Basilica is so beautiful too, the colours of the dome are amazing and so photogenic. The whole place in general is so you’re never not taking one. Another great spot for great Instagram pictures is the little side streets walking up to the Basilica.

We spent so long getting amazing photos of each other with the Basilica in the background and all the lovely colours from the streets around us!

It’s great because the side streets aren’t crammed with people like the square in front of the building. So you can re-take photos as much as you like and not feel stupid! Afterall, the perfect post doesn’t always come easy.

The Parliament building is a little further a long and more towards the river that runs right through Budapest (The Danube – which is also beautiful), it’s in walking distance and there are some pretty good spots to take great pictures on the way. The walk took us about 15 minutes and it was through a lovely, green park which was so nice! This particular building was different in the way that, it’s a lot more intimidating. It’s a giant building with amazingly beautiful architecture but I think the sheer size of it can be daunting (including but also no limited to, the armed police outside!) I took some great pictures of the greenery here and they turned out so well!

Basically, Budapest in the summer is an Instagram heaven. If you have the chance/money (it’s really cheap there!) to go you definitely should. Not only is it beautiful but the people are great and there’s really no place I’ve loved like it.

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