An Adventure Awaits…


The definition of adventure is an unusual and exciting or daring experience. 

Today, Richie (my boyfriend and fellow adventure seeker) and I have started our 3 week journey across various different countries in Europe. Having never done anything like this, neither of us have any idea what this trip is going to be like. We are travelling across 6 countries which include; Germany (Hamburg and Berlin), Hungary (Budapest), Croatia (Zagreb), Slovenia (Ljubljana), Austria (Vienna), and Czech Republic (Prague). I am actually so excited for this trip as we have been planning it for months! We’ll be staying in a mix of Airbnb’s, hostels and hotels that have been pre-booked. Once we get over the Germany most of our travel is by coach/bus except flying from Berlin to Budapest which will be an exciting experience.

This is definitely an experience I never thought I’d have at such a young age. I love travelling, seeing new places and experiencing new things so there was nothing stopping us from going. We get home from Prague on the 28th of June but I will be posting here on my blog on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays where I will posting about countries, their foods and different things to do and see. We have also set up a joint blog about our life and travels together called Our Travel Adventure which would can check out here On this blog we will be posting on Tuesdays and Fridays whilst away and when we come back, talking more about our time away (expect some very funny stories!)

You can also follow our social medias to see what we’re up to day to day, if that’s what you prefer! There will definitely be lot’s of pictures and exciting stuff going on over there.


Instagram; itsliviamae and richiemcilroy
Twitter; itsliviamae and KetwigKaiser

See you in a few weeks UK!

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