Seek Adventure: 5 European Cities You’ve Got To Visit

Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to travel.

Explore the world. Tell stories no one else had heard before. Go places people dream of going to. Seek adventure. I’ve always wanted to see anywhere and everywhere, regardless of the price or time it takes to get there. It’s something about travelling the world and meeting so many new people that I tend to find exhilarating. Travelling is something that many people dream of but never have the chance to because of different reasons.

Adventure doesn’t often come to you, and that’s what a lot of people forget. You’ve got to know what you want and seek the adventure that comes with it.

From wanting to bungee jump in Australia to riding a tuk-tuk in India. Being anywhere in the world gains valuable experiences in life that you can’t really get just lying around in your house all day. It’s something that you never forget and my experience travelling around European for a month was something I won’t be forgetting soon.

5. Prague, Czech Republic

The supposed party central of Europe, this big city has so much more than just drinking yourself silly. The beautiful scenes you’ll find in the main square to the chocolate heaven goodness of trdelniks. You’ll definitely love every minute in Prague. Make sure you visit the oldest working clock by the main square and give some of the smaller markets a look at too!


4. Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia is normally known for clear waters and gorgeous beaches but there is a lot of beautiful scenery in the cities. Zagreb towards the north and is probably one of the smaller capitals of Europe. Despite this it has some amazing side streets and markets to explore. You can even visit St Marks church and make your Instagram feed blow up.


3. Berlin, Germany

I loved Berlin, it was huge but beautiful. The Reichstag was bigger and even better than I ever anticipated. If you have time you won’t regret a visit to the Berlin wall and having some lunch on the East side. The colours and bright atmosphere of the wall really shows how much we can come together as a human race.


2. Budapest, Hungary

It’s cheap and simply one of the nicest places you’ll ever lay your eyes on. Even the slightly darker parts of the capital are beautiful. The restaurants are some of the nicest I’d ever been too. Visits should include sometime around the parliament buildings and next to the river Danube as it’s a sight you’ll never forget.


1. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Somewhere I’d never even heard of before looking it up, this gorgeous country has so many hidden gems. The famous picture of the island in the middle of the lake? That’s here and it’s something you’ve got to experience. It’s a city you only need around 3 days in, but if you take day trips and have a good look around you’ll love it. It’s not as cheap as Budapest but it’s worth it for the beauty of the city. They even have their own patch of weather in their square where it’s always raining – if you go, try and work it out. We spent the whole time in total confusion!

Where is your favourite place to visit in Europe? Did it make the list?

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