36 Hours in London!


London is one of the most culturally enriching places I think I have ever been, there is such an amazing bright and vibrant atmosphere that I genuinely think stays with you when you leave. It gets a lot of criticism for being over populated and full of tourists but when I’m there I never have nothing to do, and that’s why I love it so much. From the colourful billboards of the West End theatres to the huge rising buildings that surround you everywhere you go. Sure, it’s not Hawaii or the Bahamas but it’s a place I go and I always have endless amounts of fun!

This trip was a short but one where a lot of lovely memories were made, from taking cute photos in the photobooth in the M&M’s store to walking our feet off round Shaftsbury avenue to find our theatre. Something I absolutely love about going away and seeing places is the memories you make, the laughs that come out of it and the adventures you have along the way. London is a place full of history, culture and definitely adventure for those who are willing to pay the price (I’ll admit it’s rather expensive!)

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